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Who is summer k?

summer k. scott graduated from Liberty University, She has a bachelor of science in Psychology,

Undergrad degrees, for Child Development, Sociology, and Dietetics.

Summer is a former Public School Teacher, worked as an Independent TV Producer and Host: Success Story, How Cool is That, and more and is also the former owner of a Health Food Store and Cafe. She was also previously a Contractor and Home Stager. She currently spends her days writing in the state of Oklahoma.

"I'm writing these stories based on events that I'd either experienced or heard about from other teachers and students. My intent here is to incorporate applicable solutions and tools within the text to help readers find ways to manage today's issues." -SKS

Favorite books: To Kill a Mockingbird, Dr. Seuss books, Charlotte's Web, The Giving Tree, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Matilda, The Proverbs & Ecclesiastes.

Music: Enya, Bruno Mars, Beatles, Lorde & Stray Cats.

Movies: Mousehunt, Night at The Museum (and the sequels), God is For Real, God is Not Dead, and Documentaries

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