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Quick Fixes

Everything and everybody is based on the "rush" now. There was a time when there was real value attached to patience, earning your way, having integrity and more. Now, there is this intense, heated rush to get quick high, have friends with benefits, get fast money, and so on. This is also what kids see adults do and what they see on-line and on TV. We, as adults and as a society, have a responsibility to stop expecting our children--of any age--to perform faster, better, and stronger. Children all develop at a certain rate, generally speaking. It still takes about nine months to make a baby, about 9-12 months for a child to learn to walk, up two year to speak, and so on. Hormones start to kick in between ages eleven to thirteen for both girls and boys, and so do they way they think. So, this is the prime time to change your behavior as an adult and prove yourself to be a good role model and not "rush" them through life when they need more stability and security now than ever.

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