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"I have read the book. Summer provides a glimpse into the life and thoughts of a teenage girl. She provides a unique perspective, letting Heaven Leigh narrate the story. The dramatic situations show Summer's strengh as a visual writer. It looks like there is more interesting stuff to come for Heaven Leigh."

- Author, Miami, OK

"The Chronicles of HLJ BookOne is both fun and easy to read, unlike some books that take days or weeks to read. It kept me interested and ended up with a bit of a twist at the end.

I'm definitely ready for Book Two of the series to see how Heaven handles her new life. At first she seems kinda naive because she was pretty protected but now she's got to learn how to fit in and be more aware of herself. The parts about the predator and the school lock down are pretty true in today's world for teens".

-Atlanta, GA

"I bought this book out of curiosity and really loved it! It kept me interested until the end and now I want to read the second one. I understand the author is now working on the third sequel and I'm sure I will want to order that one too!"

-Portland, OR

"I like that the book is written like it is her journal. I can relate to Heaven in many ways, like our parents being divorced. Chapters 5, 6, and 7 got a little intense. In chapter 5, the things that happened could actually happen. This (book) makes you think about not taking a ride from someone you barely know. Overall, I think this is a pretty good book and I want to know what happens in the second (one)".

-Miami, OK

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