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The newest book by summer k. scott is The Chronicles of Heaven Leigh Jordan #BookTwo #WaitForIt Available Now on!

Available Now on Amazon and Kindle!

" With all those experiences behind me, after considering all the advice I'd given and being burdened with the struggles I've seen teens going through, I was inspired to write about it. In addition, I've also seen parents with real issues too and not knowing how to handle their kids or themselves, in this new age of new problems, on and off the internet, including, peer pressure and bullying." 

" These stories and all future sequels, are the result of years of working with, teaching, one-on-one tutoring, mentoring and taking care of teens for decades. They're all fiction, based on true events."

-Summer K. Scott

"The dramatic situations show Summer's strength as a visual writer. It looks like there is more interesting stuff to come for Heaven Leigh." -Author of A Kick in the Pants for Jill


Book 2! The Chronicles of Heaven Leigh Jordan #WaitForIt Available now! 

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Meet summer k. scott...

Although Summer has been a writer for decades, the new Chronicles of Heaven Leigh Jordan is her first teen novella series. She draws her inspiration for writing from having been a mother, a teacher, a Community TV Producer, and a world traveler. Her experiences from living in Paris, France and traveling from New Zealand to Africa, has broadened her appreciation for human diversity and the geographical beauty of our planet.

Summer lives between Atlanta, GA and California, her home state.

She is currently working on a new series for children on cultural diversity.

Exclusive photos of summer k. scott 

The Chronicles of HLJ and much more...

Summer and all the cool kids she meets along the way!

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